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5 Electric Scooter Safety Features To Look For

What are some electric scooter safety features to look out for?

  1. Electric scooter brakes

  2. Electric scooter tires and traction

  3. Electric scooter indicators

  4. Electric scooter horn or bell

  5. Electric scooter lights

A common question that people who want to buy an electric scooter in the Philippines ask is “Are electric scooters safe?”. The short answer is yes if the electric scooter is equipped with safety features and if the user knows the most basic safety tips while on the road. If you're still uncertain, we have listed down some of the top electric scooter safety features to ease your mind.

Electric scooters are quickly rising in popularity as an alternative personal transportation choice. For a good reason, electric scooters are cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and easy to use. These vehicles offer a convenient way to avoid traffic-congested roads as well. But just like any other type of ride, accidents can also happen on the electric scooter, if not following such safety precautions. Fortunately, these accidents can be minimized with the following safety features of an electric scooter.

Electric Scooter Brakes

Most people look for electric scooters that can get them from one place to another very quickly. But when riding at fast speeds, it’s also crucial to have properly working brakes.

Brakes are the most important safety features of electric scooters. Good-quality brakes will avoid accidents should you need to stop abruptly due to a car door opening on your path, a pedestrian crossing, or traffic lights changing red. The brakes will also determine the electric scooter’s safety in harsh weather conditions.

Every electric scooter model is equipped with different brakes. Most electric scooter models have two main brake categories: electronic and mechanical. It is recommended to have multiple brakes, in case one fails.

The Segway-Ninebot Kickscooter E45 has a triple braking system: regenerative brake, front-electronic brakes, and rear-magnetic brakes. In addition, this electric scooter’s magnetic technology enforces a braking distance of 3’3” for added safety. This means when you need to brake suddenly, the scooter will stop 3’3” away from the vehicle in front.

Electric Scooter Tires and Traction

The tires of an electric scooter are also part of its safety features. This is because tires improve the scooter’s stability when braking.

Going back to the Segway-Ninebot Kickscooter E45. This electric scooter has 9-inch non-pneumatic tires so they are more resilient than ordinary solid tires. The 9-inch wheel size also provides high shock absorption, which provides more safety when riding through terrains.

Traction control is another safety feature of the E45. Its wheels will not spin while traveling through slippery roads or other dangerous road conditions. This makes it safer to drive and traverse during inclement weather.

Electric Scooter Indicators

There are different types of indicators installed in electric scooters and each one is a safety feature. For example, an electric scooter model may have turn indicators. Turn indicators are used to show other drivers on the road of your intended change of direction, whether turning left, right, or weaving through traffic. While you can always use your hands to show you are turning ahead, other drivers at the scooter's rear might miss this or you may end up losing balance while riding.

There are also battery indicators that indicate the charge level of an electric scooter. Lastly, there are tail light indicators that turn on when braking. The Segway-Ninebot Kickscooter E22 for example has tail light indicators that automatically light up when turning on the front light or braking, which provides clear signage for vehicles behind.

Electric Scooter Horn or Bell

Electric scooters can come with a horn or bell as a safety feature. Horns or bells can be used to warn other drivers or pedestrians nearby, helping you avoid collisions. These can also be used to signal to the driver in front of your electric scooter that you intend to overtake.

Electric Scooter Lights

When there is heavy rain or fog, it can be difficult for drivers to see the vehicles around them. Having bright lights on your electric scooter is considered essential for avoiding accidents on the road.

The Segway-Ninebot Kickscooter E25 has powerful, high-brightness white LED headlights that provide a 13.5-meter illumination range. It also features yellow sidelights, taillights, and colorful chassis lights, making every ride safer.

Key Takeaway

In this article, we’ve listed the top electric scooter safety features. When buying this type of e-vehicle, don’t forget to look out for these features to ensure you are secure during every ride.

All these safety inclusions are installed in every Segway-Ninebot electric scooter. Simply Moving is the authorized distributor of Segway-Ninebot electric scooters in the Philippines. Get yours now by clicking here! For other inquiries, contact Simply Moving here.

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