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Electric Kick Scooter Price in the Philippines From Simply Moving

Since 2011, Simply Moving has pushed for sustainable, efficient, and trendy transportation in the Philippines with electric kick scooter technology. In partnership with Segway, Simply Moving offers local pricing in the Philippines for its various personal transportation options for both commercial and professional use.

Simply Moving’s Catalog of Electric Kick Scooters from Segway

Simply Moving is an official partner of Segway, a leader in personal mobility. We have a wide catalog of transportation options from Segway’s highly advanced Ninebot KickScooter family. With significant improvements in nearly all aspects, this generation of kick scooters in the Philippines is more powerful than ever. Here are just some of our best from our extensive collection:

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ninebot kickscooter max price

A revolutionary piece of technology, the Ninebot Kickscooter MAX is designed to be the most powerful electric kick scooter in the Philippines. This model is the ultimate riding machine — with its high-performing motor and tires, it can tackle nearly every terrain, and has an excellent ergonomic design and improved shock absorption.

ninebot kickscooter e45 price

One of the latest upgrades to Segway’s ES series, the Ninebot KickScooter E45 is designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for your daily commute. With its triple brake system, double-wheel design, and high-powered battery, you’ll experience safe and efficient driving all the way.

Electric Kick Scooters For Adults

For teenagers and adults on the go, Simply Moving’s electric scooters are the best mode of transportation. Rather than walking, you can enjoy cool and comfortable travel using our kick scooter in the Philippines. These are perfect for riding to school, shopping, or just cruising around in the neighborhood.

With its light and compact frame, the Ninebot eKickScooter E8 is the electric kick scooter in the Philippines that’s perfectly tailored for children. With cruise mode and a triple braking system, you can trust that this vehicle is easy and safe for your child to use. Plus, our models come in fun and vibrant colors of blue and pink.

For generations, kids have always wanted to experience life just like their older siblings and parents. Now, thanks to Segway and Simply Moving, they can! With our electric kick scooter models for children, they can also move around easier and safer.

Electric Kick Scooters For Children

Spring shock absorption system, anti-skid tires, and a compact body with plenty of power, this electric scooter in the Philippines is a great option for your child. With a cool, dazzling color scheme, dynamic handlebars, and sleek frame, Simply Moving’s Ninebot eKickScooter E10 lets your kid travel in style.

ninebot electric kick scooter e8 price
ninebot electric kick scooter e10 price

Ninebot KickScooter MAX

Price: ₱43,199.78

Ninebot KickScooter E45

Price: ₱39,999.75

Ninebot eKickScooter E8

Ninebot eKickScooter E10

Price: ₱16,499.75

Price: ₱18,049.76

Benefits of Using an Electric Kick Scooter in the Philippines

More and more commuters are turning towards using an electric kick scooter in the Philippines. In recent years, it’s become more common to see them roaming about Metro Manila. It’s no surprise — given persistent traffic problems, alternative transportation modes have become highly beneficial.

Convenient Commutes

The biggest appeal of having an electric kick scooter in the Philippines is its ability to make your commutes much more convenient. Skip walking — using a kick scooter from Simply Moving can take you much faster to your destination. Plus, during peak traffic hours, they can transport you faster than a car. Traveling with an electric kick scooter helps you skip congested roads, take shortcuts, and zip down narrow streets with ease.

Lower Operational Costs

You don’t have to even consider fares, fuel, parking, maintenance, and other costs as you would with other modes of transportation. They don’t have many of the mechanical parts you would find on motorbikes or cars and don’t easily give in to wear and tear either.


All you have to consider is how to recharge your electric kick scooter — which takes less time and money than you think. The total operational costs of using an electric kick scooter in the Philippines are almost nothing compared to using traditional vehicles.

Easy to Use

kick scooter max g30

Beginners — even older and younger users — can easily operate an electric kick scooter in the Philippines. With the absence of pedals, shift gears, and complicated mechanisms, you simply have to step onto the electric scooter to begin driving. Plus, with their light frames and moderate speeds, they are much easier to steer as well. Even better, they don’t require special licenses or training to use!


What Makes Segway’s Electric Kick Scooters the Best?

Few personal transport vehicles perform as well as Segway’s Electric Kick Scooter in the Philippines. Over the years, Segway has extensively developed and released impressive and innovative transport for personal use. Smartly designed for people of all walks of life, their kick scooter series helps users move in new, cool ways.

kick scooter for kids

High-Performance Motors

Segway’s electric kick scooter in the Philippines comes with highly customized, highly capable motors. Some models have motor power of up to 700W, and speeds of 18.6 mph, far outstripping most other electric scooters on the market. These motors can tackle even the most demanding slopes, inclines, and rough roads with ease, taking you to wherever you want to go.

electric kick scooter e8 at night

Customized Battery Packs

Every electric scooter in the Philippines from Segway is equipped with customized battery packs. Aside from ensuring our batteries have a large capacity and extended performance capabilities through our Smart-BMS technology, we also work on providing durability.


Our battery packs are completely encapsulated, offering anti-seismic, flame retardant, waterproofing features, and many more! When you choose our products, you are guaranteed safer batteries with increased reliability and efficiency.

lightweight electric kick scooter

Lightweight and Durable Frame

Our designs and technology also keep the user in mind. Using classic foldable mechanisms, our electric kick scooter in the Philippines is easy to pack up and can fit perfectly inside a car’s trunk. Plus, we only use lightweight aluminum alloy bodies, which provide increased thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. This frame design makes our kick scooters lightweight, durable, and highly maneuverable.

electric kick scooter safety features

Designed for Your Comfort and Safety

Segway’s electric scooter in the Philippines comes with several additional useful features for your comfort and safety. With an intuitive LED dashboard, you can easily switch between Eco, Standard, and Sports travel modes with a few taps.


This dashboard also includes displays for your maintenance signals, power levels, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. But that’s not all — your Segway electric kick scooter also comes equipped with atmospheric lights, non-pneumatic tires, and a powerful two-part braking system. All in all, these electric scooters allow you to enjoy a smooth and safe ride.

For Trendy and Efficient Transportation, Buy an Electric Kick Scooter in the Philippines from Simply Moving!

Simply Moving provides the best of the best when it comes to alternative means for personal transportation. From our catalog, we present Segway’s electric kick scooter in the Philippines.


Specially designed for all types of users, and equipped with numerous features, they provide one of the safest and most effective travel modes in Metro Manila.


Shopping for a kick scooter? How about a unicycle, or a Go Kart for sale in the Philippines? Check out our full product catalog or send us an inquiry here.

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