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Electric Go Kart For Sale in the Philippines from Simply Moving

If you’re looking for an electric Go Kart for sale in the Philippines, then you should learn more about Go Karts first. There’s a reason why these four-wheeled rides are present at amusement parks and have race tracks dedicated for their use. Read on to learn more about electric Go Karts.

What are Electric Go Karts and Go Karting?

Go Karts are small, four-wheeled vehicles that seem like compact versions of cars. In fact, they are built very similarly, but the Go Kart is much easier to drive. They were invented in the 1950s and were built as a home design. But now, it would be easy to find an electric Go Kart for sale in the Philippines.


These vehicles are widely used for racing but can also be used for casual, fun rides or races. Some Go Karts use the traditional engine and gasoline, but technological innovations have led us to electric Go Karts. As far as electric Go Karts are concerned, Segway is the best in the business.


Go Karting is simply racing using Go Karts. This term has been used to refer to the sport itself, but it can also mean racing casually. Because of its easy maintenance and safer design, Go Kart racing easily became popular. As an expert in electric transportation, Simply Moving has options for Go Kart racers and casual riders alike!

segway ninebot go kart pro
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Why You Should Buy Indoor Electric Go Karts

Don’t get us wrong, electric Go Karts are used for both outdoor and indoor races. But there are several obvious and important reasons why electric Go Karts work better indoors and in general. Take note of these factors before you buy an electric Go Kart for sale in the Philippines.

ninebot go kart features

No Gasoline Needed

As the name suggests, electric Go Karts have outgrown other vehicles’ need for gasoline as fuel. This compact racing vehicle uses electricity as its power source, which means no fossil fuels are needed. They do, however, need to recharge. Using a cleaner power source such as electricity also means that electric Go Karts don’t release any fumes. Traditional Go Karts might release fumes that would fill an indoor venue. If anything, this already proves that looking for an electric Go Kart for sale in the Philippines is already the better option.

ninebot go kart pro speed

More Torque

Torque can be a good basis for the strength of a vehicle. It determines how fast a vehicle can increase acceleration, like how some vehicles can go from 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds. Electric Go Karts are known for having more torque than their traditional counterparts. As soon as you step on the pedal, the acceleration is almost instant. That’s one way to get a head start and prepare for a full-throttle ride!

go kart for all ages

Fun Racing for All Ages

Because of the vehicles’ generally safe design, Go Kart racing has been hit for all ages. It wouldn’t be surprising to find an electric Go Kart for sale in the Philippines with designs for kids and adults. Of course, it would be dangerous to let younger kids use gasoline-powered Go Karts, so make sure to stick with electric

fully customizable go kart kit

Highly Customizable

Go Karts come in numerous colors and designs. There aren’t many difficulties to overcome when customizing your Go Kart, so you can ride and race with your personalized design. This makes shopping for any electric Go Kart for sale in the Philippines much easier. What’s more is that Go Kart technology has evolved so much that you can convert your e-scooter into a Go Kart anytime you wish.

nine bot go kart pro demo

Electric Go Karts for Sale in the Philippines: The Best for Go Kart Racing

Simply Moving products are at the forefront of electric personal transportation. But any electric Go Kart for sale in the Philippines would have to be up to the standards of racers and casual Go Kart drivers alike. Here at Simply Moving, we offer the high-performing electric Go Kart powered by Segway!

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ninebot go kart pro features

The Ninebot Go Kart Pro is the all-new electric Go Kart powered by Segway. It has undergone two years of rigorous field testing, speeding over 20,000 miles in racetrack testing. These efforts unlocked the Go Kart’s potential that improved its steering response and overall durability, among others! It comes with features such as a hand brake, cooling system, soft steering wheel, and drifting assistant system. You can even have an immersive experience with its sound speakers! Here are some of its other specifications:

Max Speed


Self Balancing Unit Max Speed

20 Kph

Max Torque


Max Power Output


Max Range



35 km / 22 miles (Depends on riding style and terrain)

Max Payload

100kg/ 220Lbs

Battery Capacity


To learn more and pre-order, visit our page on the Ninebot Go Kart Pro!

The Ninebot Go Kart Pro

ninebot go kart kit features

The Ninebot Go Kart Kit

If you’re having trouble looking for an electric Go Kart that fits you, then try the Ninebot Go Kart Kit by Segway! Do you have a self-balancing scooter in the Philippines? This kit can convert your Ninebot MiniPro into a Go Kart!


Your new Go Kart will have an adjustable frame to suit your needs, Bluetooth connectivity, and different speed settings for whatever purpose you may need. This electric Go Kart is perfect for casual Go Karting, but can still kick up the speed when needed. Here are some of its specifications:


~61 lbs (28 kg)

Size: After extension (Max):

54 in × 32 in × 24 in (14 cm × 82 cm × 60 cm)

Max Speed

15 mph (24 km/h)


9 miles (15 km)

You may check it out and pre-order the Ninebot Go Kart Kit here!

Acquire the Best Electric Go Kart For Sale in the Philippines from Simply Moving!

For the best electric Go Kart for sale in the Philippines, Simply Moving has you covered! We pioneered the popularity of e-scooters, Go Karts, e-unicycles, and other friendlier, and efficient modes of personal transport vehicles. It’s travelling, redefined.


Looking for an electric kick scooter in the Philippines? How about a self-balancing scooter? Whatever it is, we’ve got just the right products for you or your business. Click here to check them out, or send us a message here for any inquiries!

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